G R O W   Y O U R   B I T C O I N !
You'll Keep 100% Custody and Control of Your Bitcoin When Using Our 
CryptoCurrency Managed AutoBot System!
Mr. Kelley's scripts have helped create 23 millionaires in the last 3 years, simply by using his signals and BOT to trade CryptoCurrencies. With our NEW Cryptocurrency Auto Bot we can be your guide and help you make healthy returns all while subscribers are in full control of their money.

Mike Kelley, Founder and President of CryptoWorld Elite was recently a featured speaker at the Money Show’s Trader’s Expo in Las Vegas.  
CryptoWorld Elite is a highly specialized independent information services firm. Our team, with almost 60 years of trading in the Options and Stock Markets and 5 years in Cryptocurrency, has the necessary experience to help you trade and manage assets in the cryptocurrency market.
The Goal is to Help You Accumulate Bitcoin!
With the volatility of cryptocurrencies, the value of Bitcoin (BTC) will go up and down with the market. Experts predict that Bitcoin will be the future of money. Our CryptoCurrency Managed Auto Bot System helps you accumulate Bitcoin faster than a traditional buy and hold strategy, by leveraging the volatility of altcoins.   
Our CryptoCurrency  Managed Auto Bot System can make your trading stress-free with our Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming! These are algorithms our creators have developed allowing it to create profits for you. 
Interesting Fact—"84% of All Stock Trades Are Made By High-Frequency Computers...Only 16% Are Done By Human Traders"
How We Make Our Picks
With our 24 proprietary trading scripts, our seasoned traders utilize state of the art trading techniques and bots to provide remarkably accurate trade signals. We use the time-tested Bollinger band indicators to analyze the strength or weakness of coins to determine which ones to acquire. By studying the high and low averages with Bollinger, we know just the right time to buy at desirable bottoms and sell at profitable tops. We also study EMA's (Exponential moving averages), whether quick or slow, to pinpoint when these band averages accurately cross to execute timely trades. MACD indicator algorithms are also used in conjunction with EMA's to maximize utmost accuracy. To ensure profitable results, the historic Fibonacci Bollinger indicator is used on nearly every trade signal.
Target Profits
While there have been extraordinary moves in many cryptocurrencies to generate profits as high as 100% and more, here at CWE our recommended target profit margins are a bit different. Instead of the occasional "meteoric home run" that most day traders look for at 3 am, we are perfectly content with the abundant low hanging fruit of the many short term trade opportunities that yield 1-3% consistently. While sticking to our conservative approach we have been able to help our subscribers realize remarkable profits by adding together the results of these many small trades opportunities. There's an old saying in the financial world: "If you take care of your little money, your big money will take care of itself."
  • Pre-Work Coin Selection and Research.
  •  Diversify length of suggested trades: short-, mid-, and long-term.
  •  We use Technical Analysis above anything else.
  •  Limit stop losses.
  •  Continuously update and vet coin lists.
  •  Defined Strategies: List, Checklist, Processes.
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
I found trading on my own to be volatile and emotionally exhausting. Finding the CryptoWorld Elite trading system allowed me to put my trading more on auto pilot. I've turned .5 btc into 2.6 btc in 90 days. 
~Rene Campbell, San Jose, California
Other signal services I used before model the indicators from forex trading. I had little success using them. The CWE people have more sophisticated bots and bolinger band techniques that really make the difference. The live webinar training make me full time trader. ~Li Qiang-Paterson, New Jersey
When I heard of the high level of success with CWE's signals, I was very skeptical. But since day one I'm averaging 9.8% per trade, sometimes as quickly as 20 minutes. These results are insane! ~Derrick MacDonald, Toronto, Canada
I have been using these signals with CWE for 18 months and they have been at least 95% accurate. I've turned a small amount of bitcoin into a substantial portfolio. Very pleased.  ~Carlos Pereira, San Jose, Costa Rica
I am a beginner trader and found this service to be very helpful. This company took the guesswork out of trading. My profits are increasing daily. 
~Craig Thomas, Orlando, Florida
CWE Training Center
All CWE subscribers receive access to our private Video Training Success Center to help them get started quickly. You'll be trading CryptoCurrency within hours of purchasing your subscription.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the level of accuracy with your system?
A: For over 3 years the staff at CWE has operated at a remarkable 90% accuracy rate on daily trades.

Q: What coins do you recommend trading using your system?
A: We see opportunities mostly in the top 300 coins based on Coin Market Cap .

Q: What is the average percentage of profit per trade using your system?
A: 1.5% - 3%.

Q: What trading platforms are most user-friendly with your system?
A: We prefer Binance.

Q: Does CWE offer support?
A: Yes. Our support email is: Info@CryptoWorldElite.com 

Q: Is live coaching available?
A: Yes, Master Crypto Trader Mike Kelley has created an amazing trading system that produces profits in multiple cryptocurrencies with incredible accuracy...over 90%. The price for 4 hours of hands-on group coaching with a Master Crypto Trader is $350. Contact us at Info@CryptoWorldElite.com for information or to get on our schedule.

It's Simple!
Step 1 — Subscribe to our CryptoCurrency Managed Auto Bot System
Step 2 — Fund your Trading Account
Step 3 — Create an API Key within your Trading Account
Step 4 — Register for a Telegram Account and Provide Us Your Handle (@name)
Step 5 — Connect with CWE Support to Complete Your Bot Setup
Step 6 — Download the "Coin Stats" App on your Smart Phone to Watch your BTC grow!
M.J. Kelley is one of the most highly respected cryptocurrency traders in the world. Mr. Kelley started with a $20 trading account and traded his way to over $2,000,000 in profits in less than 18 months – without adding any additional funds to his account. He accomplished this using the proprietary trading strategy that he has taught to thousands of traders around the world.

About CryptoWorld Elite (CWE): CWE is a highly specialized independent information services firm. Our team, with over 60 years of experience trading in the Stock and Options Markets and 5 years in cryptocurrency, has the necessary experience to help traders profit handsomely in the cryptocurrency market. CWE has helped thousands of investors get started in the cryptocurrency market by providing training and mentorship for winning profits and understanding trading strategies.

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