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IMPORTANT: Send your Binance API keys and Telegram Handle to info@cryptoworldelite.com to schedule your 
CryptoCurrency Managed Auto Bot setup. 
You can learn how to do this in the CWE Training Center. 
Interesting Fact—"84% of All Stock Trades Are Made By High-Frequency Computers...Only 16% Are Done By Human Traders"
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Our Bot includes upwards of 30+ signals and 
75+ trades monthly within your account.
Note: Our trading program overlays onto Cornix's trading platform that requires a separate $33/mo or $316/ann autotrade subscription.
Sparky Silver Edition Bot — 12 Monthly payments of $399
Sparky Gold Edition Bot — 4 Quarterly payments of $1125. Save 6%
Sparky Platinum Edition Bot — 1 Annual payment of $4389. Save 8%
SAVE 8% on our Annual Subscription!
 *We also accept Bitcoin. Contact info@cryptoworldelite.com
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$399 Monthly
$1125 Quarterly
$4389 Annually
$239.40 Monthly
$675 Quarterly
$2633.40 Annually
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