CWE Affiliate Program
IMPORTANT: The CWE Two Tier Affiliate Program is only available to subscribing clients that have purchased one of our products and continues with an active subscription. We have three affiliate levels within our program.
To qualify to be a CryptWorld Elite affiliate the following criteria must be met:
          • Must be a member or have purchased our CryptoCurrencyAutoBot
          • Must maintain an active membership in good status
          • Must be invited by another member and/or sign up with our website at www.CryptoCurrencyAutoBot.com 
          • Membership can be revoked by CryptoWorld Elite, LLC if deemed necessary for violating any of our policies.  

CWE Affiliate L1
Earn 15% from sales of Tier One referrals that make a purchase. Earn 5% from Tier Two.
L1 applies to $500,000 in gross transaction sales.
CWE Affiliate L2
Earn 25% from sales of Tier One referrals that make a purchase. Earn 5% on Tier Two.
L2 applies to $500,001 to $1,000,000 in gross transaction sales.
CWE Super Affiliate
Earn 40% from sales of Tier One referrals that make a purchase. Earn 5% from Tier Two.
The Super Affiliate applies to over $1,000,000 in gross transaction sales.
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